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What if we had a wedding and no one came?

September 23, 2009 by Mya Papaya

Well, so far so good...until now.  I woke up early this morning all sweaty.  I had a dream that I had thrown a wedding and nobody came.  It was Kalin, mom, her parents and I with the band in a big empty hall.  I can laugh about it now, but at 4 am this is not funny.  I made Kalin get up at 8 am and print out the guest list just to be sure. I had been confidently going planning along and now this.  What is next? Dreaming of walking down the isle without my pants?  I guess I am a little more concerned than I thought.... It seems to be all I can think about, much to the chagrin of my boss.  So you ladies who have gone through this let me know if this is how it goes.  I think next week I will be better as people start to arrive.  And once my mother ( her highness, will now simply be referred to as HRH) arrives I know things will settle.  Now I am going to call my caterer and make sure all is well.  I wonder if he knows I have him on speed dial?


17 Days and counting....

September 16, 2009 by Kalin Raible

Mya and I had a meeting again this afternoon. We are 17 days out!!! Wow! This is getting closer and closer. Made it to the Farmer's Market in Manson this morning to look for earrings to go with the necklace I am borrowing from Mom (there is a missing earring...). Betsy does such beautiful work... 

Now, we are just double checking our list to make sure everything is coming together... so far so good, although I think I am forgetting something. 


Adding a Registry... Culinary Apple

September 16, 2009 by Kalin Raible

After much discussion, Mya and I have decided to add the Culinary Apple in Chelan to our registry.



August 25, 2009 by Kalin Raible

After 3 cups of tea and 1 very strong cup of coffee, we have finally managed to convince Excel to Mail Merge into address labels... So watch your mailbox for your invite.



August 23, 2009 by Kalin Raible

After repeated questioning, we are finally registered! Mya and I are new to this sort of thing and we registered for 2 of the 3 places online which was not the experience that we wanted but c'est la vie.

We are registered at the following places:




Please do not feel obligated to get us anything. We are just looking forward to seeing everyone!


Kalin has found her dress!

August 23, 2009 by Kalin Raible

Motivated by a $100 bet with Mya, I was successful in finding my wedding dress . I visited my Mom to go fabric shopping for the attendants dresses. Mom was still at work on Thursday so I went to Lancaster Mall.. didn't find anything but AVVA CIGAR & WINE ... excellent selections! 

I crossed the street to Academy Square and went into Bridal Exclusives The bridal consultants were very helpful and helped me find dresses and then left me alone to try them on!

So the the dress I desired was a cream/champagne/oatmeal color, no train, with shoulder straps that fit well. The dress I found fits well and doesn't have a train!



August 19, 2009 by Mya Papaya

When you are answering text questions from your caterer while on the fire line and your mother calls first thing on your day off with cake decorating ideas you have arrived in weddingville.  When California is burning and all you can think about is getting the invitations out, you are in weddingville.  When you think, sure, whats another 500 bucks you are definitely in weddingville. 

Not that it is a bad place to visit.  I just never thought I would.  I remember Toni sweating over her website and making coleslaw by the barrel for my mother's wedding.  I was laughing then...and fortunately I am laughing now.  You have too when you are trying to land a helicopter every two minutes and you wedding planner is sending pictures on your phone of unity candles.   (we are having a unity candle?!).  Or when your fiance faxes to fire camp the wording for your invitations.  "Hey, Dude' this must be for you".  Yup weddingville it is.

My mother now refers to all things as AW or BW.  That is after wedding or before.  You gotta love it.

So if all my readers ( both of you) have any questions about lodging, food, pirate decorations for the barbeque or how many pairs of pants I have tried on for my wedding suit please call or email.  It will  improve my stay in weddingville to talk to other visitors. 


Planning, Guessing and Hoping

July 22, 2009 by Kalin Raible

After 21 days of work and a trip to Montana on the Harley we have finally found some time to start really planning for the wedding.  As the time has grown closer we have suddenly become more interested.  What we had put off until July has now become a reality.  Meeting with the florist?  How about tomorrow?  Meeting with the caterer?  How about this afternoon?  Althought I bet Kalin a hundred dollars that she would not have purchased her wedding dress by Labor day.  I may soon be a hundred dollars richer.  Nothing like a little side betting to hold her interest.  So things are ratchiting up as the big day approaches.  It is a good thing it is a slow fire year or I would be blogging from the hotel room in Winamucka, Nevada ( the armpit of the world ) instead of my living room.  So until the next time my little wedding attendies, keep the rubber side down on the engine and I will bring more news as events warrent.  Mya Papaya, bride.


Montana Spring Rains

May 14, 2009 by Joseph E. Raible

Lots of rain today.  I'll bet it never got to 60.

Picked up two year old tops for firewood in the morning.  They felt pretty wet.

Luckily I worked in the barn during the rain straightening it up for woodwork.  Started a shoe rack for the bedroom.

Laundry Day tomorrow including a couple loads from a couple of previous visits.


Another headache

March 07, 2009 by Joseph E. Raible

Wish I knew where they came from.  I did travel a lot last week.

Grandpa Ollie said that he used to get headaches from canned beer; so, only drank whiskey or bottled beer.  I did have three beers yesterday; but I sure hope that wasn't the problem.  Barbara and I watched a "Body of Lies" DVD until 11.  I hope that didn't do it either.   Maybe it was the plan to take the Dodge in for new front calipers because I couldn't figure out what tool to take them off with and as Barbara reminded me we were heading up to Chelan for Kalin's birthday this weekend with it.  There goes my other solar panel.

Speaking of Solar Panels I picked up a new one off of E-Bay and waiting for it to arrive.  I'm not familiar with the manufacturer; so, I hope it works according to it's specs.

I just wrote Dave Owens about when he expected to close the road for Breakup.  Willams is thinking about clearing for a fire break that section between Johns and our place for Salvage and just leaving the big trees.   We asked him to do this a '08.